‘Flea’ Market Trends: What’s Hot Now!

We often turn to fashion magazines and celebrities for the hottest trends and fads that are currently circulating and will be apart of the mainstream crowd once it hits the retail world. However, I realized on my recent shopping excursion, that there is one spot that showcases the newest trends and fads but are highly an under-rated resource; the flea market.

If you have never been to a flea market, then I suggest that you go immediately. Yes, it is filled with fake Gucci wallets and knock-off Ed Hardy t-shirts, but it also houses the “What’s Hot Now” merchandise for the season.

After shopping one afternoon at a nearby flea market, it reminded me of an air-conditioned Canal Street. There were (fake)-Coach bags, Ed Hardy heels, and Gucci belts…Oh My! There were even fake True Religion jeans that if it wasn’t for the ‘O’ at the end of the word ‘brand’ (e.g. brando), printed on the buttons, then you would swear that they were real …oops!

Not everyone may be into fake merchandise, and I have to say I’m a faithful ‘real’ label shopper. Sometimes, it’s not about getting a good price on a high-end product. It’s about being exposed to what is now in style. Think of the flea market as being a tangible magazine and that all the ‘in’ trends are there for you to touch and even buy. If it’s at the flea market, it’s definitely in style!


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