Innovation, Right at the Palm of Your Hands

Being a fashionista, and a blogger, it is my job to spend time flipping through magazines and pop television to scout out the hottest trends and styles. So last night I was watching one of my favorite shows The X Factor, and aside from the amazing talent on this show, I spotted a trend that I absolutely fell in love with! Nicole Scherzinger, from the infamous pop group The Pussycat Dolls was rocking a hand bracelet. Confused? I will explain.

The hand bracelet lies around the palm of your hand instead of on the wrist. I’m always a sucker for unique accessories that set their self apart from the rest. So thanks to Google, I searched high and low on where to find this hand bracelet. Jewelry brand Prive Jewellery is the master mind behind this design.

Established in 2009, two sisters set out to create a new, powerful brand that enhances a women’s natural beauty. From colorful stones, diamonds and unique shapes, the inspiration is stemmed from worldly cultures. The Prive Jewellery line creates breathe-taking pieces from rings to necklaces. But the real show stopper piece that made me do a double take was the Hand Bracelet. This is a first for the fine jewelers. It’s innovative and stands out in the crowd.

The hand bracelet really redefines the traditional bracelet. These magnificent pieces are sold in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Florence, Moscow, St. Barts, and Courchevel, in some of the best stores. The Prive line can also be found online at or Be sure to visit the Prive website at

So I may have spotted this look on Pussycat Doll superstar Nicole Scherzinger, but Prive Jewellery has styled many other celebrities including Lindsay Lohan. When it comes to accessories it’s all about making a statement and telling a story while doing so. And with a piece like a hand bracelet added to your look, it will be the fashion topic of the night. I know what I will be on the hunt for on my next shopping adventure!



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4 responses to “Innovation, Right at the Palm of Your Hands

  1. Maria Lentine

    where can I buy this hand bracelet?

  2. Any updaqtes on websites or more affordable options??

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