“Why Do You Women Shop So Much!”

This week I was asked- by a male of course- Do I ever get sick of shopping every week?! Being the infamous debater that I am I of course counter punched with a right hook of comparison and an upper jab of some knowledge; of fashion that is. And lets say I rest my case. I won! But it led to the topic of this weeks blog, Why Do Women Shop So Much?!?

Oh where to begin! I think it’s safe to say that women do not need much convincing when it comes to shopping. However we have many influences when joining the shop-o-holic frenzy.

Girl Talk

This is the best way to have girl talk. Us ladies can’t live without it so spending time at the mall or down in soho- where I prefer to shop- always leads to countless hours of trying on daring outfits while complaining about a guy or should you invest in a sex toy- I never said girl talk was a PG rated kind of convo, anything goes, that’s the rule!


Life can get a bit rough at times. So an activity in which you can buy change is the best quick fix a girl could ask for. Women shop when they’re happy. They shop when they’re sad to cheer their selves up. And they shop heavily when they’re going through a break up. Yet the same satisfaction is provided regardless of the driving force of the shopping trip. That is the feeling of something new! Like guys get excited for a new car or a new hockey stick, women get excited for the last call sale at Saks Fifth Avenue or the new MAC lipstick colors for spring.


Shopping is entertaining. Much persuasion from sales associates, but the hype of a must-have item is something that most women are just mere suckers for. There’s always a gift with purchase or a trunk show in which you can purchase exclusive pieces from a collection. This prevents the risk of wearing the same dress as three other girls at the lounge on a Saturday night. Boy I hate that!

So whether it be for a session of male-bashing, a way to get your mind off of life, or to be amused, women shop to shop. Vanity is in our DNA; it’s part of the role of a woman. So we will shop till we drop and there’s nothing that will change that!


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